Because of the background and experiences of the attorneys at Clark King & Michel, P.C. we can help with all of your agriculture related legal issues.  Whether you need to obtain water rights for your crops, need to establish grazing leases for your livestock, or wish to purchase a farm or ranch we can help you achieve these goals. 

What is Agricultural Law?

Agricultural law is concerned with farmers, ranchers and the population who consumes their commodities.  The field of agricultural law deals with regulations at the State and Federal level as well as the many regulating agencies.  The agricultural community has always been subject to the traditional areas of law in their daily business.  Contracts, real property, estate laws and the tax code have applied the same as with non-agricultural businesses and individuals.  However, in the mid-1980s the state and federal governments began treating the production of agricultural commodities as an area of law needing special regulations. 

Agriculture in the Big Horn Basin

The Big Horn Basin is unique in the United States and in Wyoming as agriculture is one of the largest employers in the area.  Worland and the surrounding communities rely on cattle and sheep ranches, sugar beet production and processing, and malt barley production just to name a few of the major commodities that impact the area.

Agricultural law encompasses many areas of law.  These include water rights, contracts, easements, immigration, civil litigation, business planning, mergers and acquisitions, tax and real estate laws.  The laws relating to agriculture are extensive and complex because of the heavy involvement of governmental organizations which regulate many facets of the scope of work for these producers.